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Hi, here's a few things you might want to know.
You can call me X. This blog is completely anonymous with a new, untracable email address, with no mentioning of any names, and only a few vague real-life references.
I have a lot to say, and people I know read my other blogs, I can't say anything bad about anyone or let out any real secrets there because they'll tell someone, or they'll tell everyone which will come back directly to me and probably ruin everything I've got going right now.
I have a real journal, as in paper, and I write all these secrets in there too, but when I write it in a blog like this, telling everyone in someway at least, it feels like it means something more.

Pseu - don - y - mous. (soo-DON-uh-muhs)
1. Bearing a false or fictitious name.
2. Writing or written under a fictitious name.

I write about people, and writing my younger brother, my youngest brother, my best friend, my friend with the same name as my best friend who's not really my best friend but close to it who used to be in one of my lessons who isn't now...it's easier to put them to letters. So here's them so far.

A - My best friend
B - My ex boyfriend
C - My younger brother
D - My youngest brother
E - My other friend of the same name as A
F - My ex boyfriend's sister
G - My new friend from form
H - My friend whom I used to fancy
I - Other friends.

X - Me

SG - Stupid Girl
SB - Stupid Boy
14th-Sep-2007 04:35 pm - H
I had this mad dream last night. I was standing in the pupil entrance in school and my two friends from year eleven (They've gone to college), were in the canteen, and I was talking to them through the window and drawing stuff on it. Then H came over and put his arm around and whispered to me "Draw a man inside a man" and I went "I can't draw that!" and he takes the pen off me and starts drawing it and I think in my head "I should ask him out now." and, as if I'd asked, he goes "Hmm, do I love you?" as though that's the question I asked, and my two friends were mouthing "Say yes! Say yes!" through the window, and he looks at me with his smile and says "Well I suppose you have a good history." but then the alarm went off and I woke up, so for all I know, I could be going out with him.
But today I only saw him once and he didn't give me my hug either, so I'm a bit sad. Haha. I text him that, haha. So I'm thinking, I should just ask him out. I mean I should make him promise he'll still be my friend after I ask, just incase the answer is no and he goes all weird about it, and the only way I can find out is by asking, he's friends with A after they went out and broke up, so what's the worst that could happen?
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